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I’ve spend a lot of time thinking what I what my blog to represent and what I what people to get from it. Well really I have no control over either of those things. People have different outlooks on what they see or read. So really I could research or investigate what people want to read about, but in all of that I am forgetting that this blog is for and about me and if someone along the way happens to like something I’ve wrote, then that would be great. I believe that we spend so much time wondering what others think or want from us that we lose ourselves in the process. Some people never get to really find out who they are in the first place, because we are always trying to be what other people may want us to be. Really never knowing what they want in the first place. As I’m writing this is really feels like I’m chasing my tail around. Life should be so hard! Finding who you are and being it shouldn’t be so hard! We shouldn’t have to chase our tails around to just be in this world. While the whole time we put this crap on ourselves. So today I’m writing this post just for me. This is the one thing I’m going to do today that’s truly for ME. Now I would like to know one thing your going to do just for YOU? It doesn’t have to be something big, remember take baby steps……
Thanks for listening, Mimis72



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